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The Spring 2024 After School Activities session will run from Monday, April 15th to Friday, June 14.


  • Registration: now closed
  • Time: After school classes are from 3:45pm to 4:45pm.

  • After school dismissal procedure: At school dismissal, teachers/staff bring students enrolled in after school activities on that day to a monitor, who gets each student to his/her after school class. Parents/guardians pick up students at the Gym Entrance at 4:45pm sharp, where the monitor will check students out. Please note you do not need to send a dismissal note - once we finalize registration we share the final roster with Lynn at the school office, who manages daily dismissal.

  • Tardiness: If parents/caregivers are more than 10 minutes late for pick up more than once, we will cancel the student's participation. Thanks for understanding.

  • Make ups: If school closes or an instructor is out sick, we will do our best to schedule make up classes. In some instances, we may not be able to make classes up.

  • Nurse: Please note that during after school, we do not have access to the nurse or the nurse's office (for example, for accessing epi pens or asthma pumps.)
  • Families in need: Please contact Mrs. Barbara Milone for information on financial assistance.


We hope your child finds an exciting activity to join!


Please email any questions to



Meadow Pond PTO After School Activities Course Catalog

*Spring 2024*

**All activities are after school unless otherwise indicated**





JJFC Soccer (Grades K-1)

John Jay Futbol Club is a soccer club specializing in the lifelong learning of youth soccer players focused on providing an accessible and engaging soccer program that delivers exceptional training, developing the whole player in a positive environment for young people.


Little Robotics (Grades K-2)

Explore the world of computational thinking and problem-solving through computer science. Engage students' curiosity with the logic of coding, fostering excitement for learning. Introduce abstract reasoning and coding concepts using Cubelets, incorporating SENSE, THINK, and ACT blocks without needing a computer interface. Emphasize the significance of inputs, outputs, weighted averages, and perseverance in rapid redesign, guiding students toward their goals. Dive into STEAM with Indi, a user-friendly robot designed for ages 4+. Indi encourages creative, play-based learning, allowing kids to design mazes, develop coding skills, solve problems, and nurture computational thinking abilities.

coding skills, solve problems, and nurture computational thinking abilities. 


Guitar (Grades 3-5)

The class will focus on learning the most important chord shapes to prepare your child to play their favorite songs. Instructor Dave Pilchik creates a very fun environment to learn to play. Price includes guitar rental, which your child can bring home for the duration of the program.


Origami (Grades 2-5)

Origami is a traditional Japanese play that involves reading shapes and assembling them using your fingertips. Origami stimulates the brain just as much as reading music score and playing an instrument. This class is going to make kids' favorite objects from simple ones to more complex ones.





Yoga + Mindfulness (Grades K-3)

Yoga & Mindfulness classes for children are a fun and safe way to learn not only Hatha Yoga postures but also some breathing techniques, methods of relaxation, and strategies for better focus. The students are introduced to meditation and basics of Yoga history and philosophy. Everything is delivered through Yoga games, inspirational folk-stories, and art.


Rocketry (Grades 3-5)

Welcome to the thrilling world of Rocketry! Join MakeInspires for an immersive journey into the captivating history and awe-inspiring science behind rockets. Through hand-on projects, participants will unravel the principles of propulsion, aerodynamics, and space travel. Through interactive demonstrations and hands-on experiments, young space enthusiasts will construct and launch their rockets, applying newfound knowledge to achieve soaring success. Igniting their curiosity and fostering a deeper appreciation for space exploration, this Rocketry class promises an exhilarating experience that will inspire and lift their aspirations skyward.


Spanish (Grades 2-5)

By means of interaction, games and songs, the aim of this program is to instill in a relaxed way, a positive feeling for Spanish vocabulary with emphasis on pronunciation and reading skills. Students will learn to read and write simple text and be enabled to use everyday expressions.


Creative Sculpture (Grades 2-5)

This class is for those who love working with clay and other sculptural materials and are ready to start developing advanced skills. Projects may include human and animal figures, castles, dioramas, and more.





Fun with Mrs. Pritchett (Grades K-5)

Come out and participate in student favorite PE games such as flickerball, basketball and Gaga ball. Going outside is weather pending but will try weekly as there is nothing better than fresh air for kids. Open to grades K-5, so come out and meet new friends and have a fantastic time!


Hip Hop Dance (Grades K-5)

Hip Hop Dance is a high-energy class, with age appropriate and upbeat music. Instructor Kim Alcott brings out students' own individual style and personality and incorporates fun games. Students must wear sneakers and comfortable clothes for moving.


Lego Brickfilms (Grades 3-5)

Lights...Camera...Action! Students’ dreams of having their favorite LEGO® characters come to life become a reality in this movie making class. Using stop-action animation and digital post-production editing, students produce Brickfilms much like the ones viewed on YouTube. Students learn about developing creative storytelling techniques, incorporating visual and audio effects, and teamwork. This is a fun course to take with a friend.





JJFC Soccer (Grades 2-3)

John Jay Futbol Club is a soccer club specializing in the lifelong learning of youth soccer players focused on providing an accessible and engaging soccer program that delivers exceptional training, developing the whole player in a positive environment for young people. 


Piano (Grades 2-5)

Welcome to the world of Beginning Piano!  For the beginning piano class, we will learn basic fingering technique and finger numbering, all repeated in a pattern. We will learn key names based on visual recognition, all repeated in a pattern. We will learn a simple song such as Happy Birthday by rote. There will be an introduction to simple notation based on note location (as a step up, step down, two steps down etc). There will be a sharps and flats explanation as well as rhythm explanation. We will do a "spider" game modeled after Hanon exercises (five consecutive steps up and down), a "see saw" game (swinging wrist right and left) to relax wrist action. We will learn to play a simple song by printed musical notation, and students will be introduced to a scale.


Comic Crafting (Grades 3-5)

Guided by award-winning author/illustrator Jason Edwards, participants practice simple tricks for developing an author-eye for detail, identifying character traits, and demonstrating those traits both visually and with words. They determine how those traits lead to action, and bring their stories to life by illustrating them, utilizing Jason’s process for turning simple lines and shapes into fantastic scenes and images. They also learn to apply the foundational elements of StoryCrafting, producing settings, & developing the plotlines to produce their own Amazing Stories! 


Adventures in Art (Grades K-3)

We have many new adventures planned for the winter! Our projects change each term so that both new and returning students will find the class fun and challenging. This session we will be using colorful clay and other materials to make sculptures of woodland creatures, creating sparkly snow effects in our paintings, exploring texture in mixed media collages, and much more.


Learn to Garden (Grades 2-5)

Students will learn what plants need to grow through a variety of hands-on activities.  Students will help take care of the vegetable and flower gardens at Meadow Pond and will also plant seeds to take home. 


Digital Photography (Grades 2-4)

Digital Photography will introduce students to the still image as an art form and help them explore Photography and Community. Along with technical acumen, they will learn concepts including Point of View, Perspective, Composition and Context and utilizing critique and analysis as students create written Artist Statements about their photographs. The program culminates with a Gallery Exhibition for which students plan, execute and critique their work. Each student will receive one 5x7 print of their best work to take home. Instructor will provide Point and Shoot cameras and memory cards.






Chess (Grades 1-4)

Join your school chessmates for a winter of fun matching your skills across the board. Beginners will learn the moves and rules of chess, as well as instruction on opening, middle and endgame with strong emphasis on playing! Children will play supervised games and practice the art of checkmate on diagrams tailored to their level. Students at the intermediate level will be grouped to learn at a higher level playing against more competitive opponents and advanced strategies.


Taylor Swift Art Jumble (Grades K-3)

Unleash your artistic spirit in the Taylor Swift Themed Art Jumble! Rotate through drawing, painting, art fusion and intro to fashion design crafting Taylor Swift-inspired masterpieces that harmonize creativity and self-expression in every session. 






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